NEW! Social Wi-fi

Your Wi Fi = A Modern Marketing Tool

Once we install our platform at your location your guests login w/out needing a password, connect instead using their favorite social media, then engage by being forwarded to your website, social media page, or custom landing page.

Automatically build customer profiles based on the data collected then use that data to build an AUTOMATED marketing list or to grow an existing one.  Our system even captures the data for mobile users that never log into your Wi Fi! You can…

  • request & encourage positive reviews.
  • add social media fans & followers.
  • increase repeat visits.
  • recover lost customers.
  • identify & reward your best customers.
  • run contests & promotions.
  • send out newsletters & special offers.
  • send out birthday offers.
  • place a per visit limit on bandwith.
  • block visits to inappropriate websites.

Our platform integrates with and enhances (or replaces) your existing marketing services (email, autoresponders, sms, social media, loyalty platforms, etc.) & can track length of customer stay, purchase history, frequency of visits, reviews & social media posts, & so much more.

Use your dashboard to EASILY create, AUTOMATE, and schedule ALL campaigns as well as custom landing pages, display ads, videos, & promotional offers.  You can create one offer then send it out over all platforms (email, sms, social media,etc.) to everyone or to guests that meet certain criteria…

  • Schedule an automatic email to go out instantly to any guest who hasn’t returned in the last 30 days w/ an offer for 10% or 20% to stop back in.
  • Automatically send a phone notification to all guests inviting them to post & share your location via FB or Instagram 15 minutes after they arrive.
  • Schedule for them to receive a notification on their phone asking them to rate you on yelp or tripadvisor a couple hours after their visit.
  • Send an email offering a FREE appetizer on their next visit if they can show that they liked you on FB & posted a review on yelp or tripadvisor
  • Send out automated birthday wishes and/or offers.
  • Create a loyalty campaign & reward frequent visitors.

And that’s just scratching the surface of our capabilities!!!

Social Wi Fi works comes with it’s own dedicated router & works independent of your own computer/server so it’s safe for your business!  The costs are very, very low compared to our so called, “competitors”!  Convert your Wi Fi from an expense to a profit center…today!

Contact us online or call us at 843.631.6450 today for a FREE Social Wi Fi demo and a FREE Digital Marketing Analysis for your business!