Shared Advertising Magnets

Yes, People Still Use Fridge Magnets

Okay, many people don’t.  BUT that is not relevant because these magnets are distributed 100% on a voluntary “take one” basis.  We partner with the most popular local restaurants who agree to prominently display them, only pass them out to people that actually want them, & distribute the entire print run.

The average person goes to their fridge over 6 times per day. The magnets stay on the fridge for an average of over 8 years.  Every marketing pro knows that the #1 spot in all of advertising is on the refrigerator!  These are a great advertising investment because they are:

  • permanently displayed in the home.
  • a one time cost that last for years.
  • an implied LOCAL endorsement.
  • aimed at a captive local audience.
  • category exclusive (no competitors).
  • repeat exposure for brand awareness.

Click HERE to visit our Gallery and see more great examples.

Each project is customized in both quantity & layout.  We handle artwork & you will receive a proof prior to print.  If you own a popular local restaurant, and would like some or these for FREE or if you are considering advertising on one of these and you have any questions please…

Contact us online or call us at 843.631.6450.  Also ask us about a FREE Online Reputation Analysis + a FREE Digital Marketing Audit!