Hand Sanitizer Billboards

Hand Sanitizer Billboards

We feature these full color billboards on top of free hand sanitizer kiosks that we place in prominent view at the entrance to high traffic mall, hotel, restaurant, and retail locations.

Customers remember the “billboards they use”.  Studies have shown that 2 out of 3 patrons will use the hand sanitizer station & will stand in front of the display for an average of 9 seconds while they do.  These are a great advertising investment because they are:

  • a unique way to get their attention.
  • an interactive advertising medium.
  • an implied endorsement.
  • aimed at a captive local audience.
  • category exclusive (no competitors).
  • repeat exposure for brand awareness.
  • super cost effective vs. other ad types

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Each project has a different number & size of ads.  We handle ad layout & you will receive a proof prior to print.  If you own a popular local restaurant, hotel, or high traffic retail location and would like one of these FREE or if you are considering advertising on one of these and you have any questions please…

Contact us online or call us at 843.631.6450.  Also ask us about a FREE Online Reputation Analysis + a FREE Digital Marketing Audit!