What We Do

We help LOCAL businesses maximize their digital marketing opportunities by providing:

  • Video Marketing (& Production)
  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • P.P.C., Lead Generation, & Conversion
  • S.E.O. & Directory Services
  • Web Development & Design

What Sets Us Apart

We are focused on affordable solutions for small to medium LOCAL businesses and customize our service for each client.

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Video Marketing

Web visitors are significantly more likely to engage w/ an advertisement or respond to content that involves captivating imagery, especially videos.  And now search engines rank sites higher based not only on the presence of videos but also on their content & quality.


Social Wifi & Loyalty Mktg

Convert your FREE wi-fi from an expense into an AUTOMATED profit center that connects & engages your guests to captures leads, boost social media visits/likes, drive new & repeat customers, increase online reviews, build consumer loyalty, & more…

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Social Media Management

As a business owner you are so busy, how can you find time to promote the biz on social media? Task one of the employees?  Even if they are familiar with social media, they probably don’t know how to use it effectively to promote your company to the target audience without annoying them. Let us help…

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Reputation Management

These days, the first thing anyone does when they hear about your company is look it up in a major search engine. The first page of results is crucial in establishing your reputation with a potential client. The only thing worse than not showing up at all is showing up with derogatory comments and reviews involving your company.

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Re targeting & Conversion

Your website’s S.E.O. report shows more and more visitors every month.  However, less and less people are calling you or taking action.  They are just window shopping…online.  We can help with proven strategies to target, retarget, and funnel them until they become a lead &, ultimately, a new customer!


S.E.O. & Directories

Neither getting found nor getting to the top of the directory listings is as simple as keywords anymore.  It starts w/ citation consistency among the directories plus properly linked content on social media & then it gets very, very complex to keep up with the fast evolving & ever changing search algorithms.

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Thinking About a New or Updated Website?

You can build your own for $8 a month, but do you have the time? the creative mind? the eye for detail? We do.  Do you know how to stay in compliance with data privacy laws?  Can you keep up with constantly changing rules by the major search engines? Can you write ad copy & publish content that converts?  Can you link your website w/ your social media accounts to drive traffic reciprocally & fuel your S.E.O. rankings?  We can.  Do you really want family members or foreigners to put your business at risk? Let’s talk…


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